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Our customer service will be available for 7/24, except sleeping time .
All your inquiries will get our reply when we received them, and will sned you more information about the market.


We update all our clients our latest products once we have new developments.
We assist our clients in their local market research and recommend them accordingly most suitable products to distribute in their market.

Accept Small Order

OEM and ODM services are both available.
When you are in China, we can be your free guide to anywhere you need.
We assist you in export and import shipping.
We accept small orders for even 1 piece. We hope to grow together with our clients. Whether big or small orders, you are always welcomed to come for us. We will be your strong backup.

About Us

Andes China

About Us

What Andes China Do?

Established in 2012, ANDES CHINA COMPANY LIMITED first started as cellphone accessories development,sourcing and distribution supplier. Our main products at that time are charger, blue tooth headset, data cable, cellphone case, speaker, etc.

But now we have developed as a sourcing agent for not only ceel phone accessories, but also for any products required by our clients.
Located in Canton,China, we now have regular customers from Mexico, Chile, Peru, Colombia, USA, UK, etc. Also, we have our complete supply chain equipped with many qualified suppliers.
We can help in both OEM and ODM orders and can assist in whole export and import process from shipping,warehousing to customs clearance. Small orders are accepted as well.

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Brand we helped build

Brand we helped build

In the past 12 years, we have helped more than 30 enterprises to establish and grow their own brands, including electronic products brands, fitness equipment brands, clothing fast selling brands, etc. Our services have been praised by customers. Today, we aim to help more enterprises supervise their brands and expand their product lines, and establish contacts with more factories. Improve the supply chain of products

Time of establishment

Time of establishment

In 2003, our founder Luis zhou started 5 years of business work, and in 2008, he began a year-long Spanish language study and completed the original business accumulation in the process. In 2012, ANDESCHINA has been established. Our company was started with electronic products as our main business, and as the scope of our business expanded, more and more customers asked us to help them purchase products outside our scope of business. Our founder Luis Zhou realized that a single product no longer matched the needs of our customers, so we began to gradually transition to export services.